JanSport Right Pack - What You Need to Know!

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Published: 23rd November 2011
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You need look no further than the JanSport Right Pack if you have been searching for that work, school and travel staple, the backpack. The sturdiness and durability of the JanSport Right Pack gets my personal endorsement. The reasonable price makes this a super addition to your travel/work/school gear. Here is the proof that quality can still exist on a low budget and you do not have to give up style in exchange for low cost.

Durability is the number one criteria for any backpack and the JanSport Right pack meets and exceeds this criteria. High performance Cordura fabric makes up the body. It will retain its colorful look through many years of use as the highly saturated color fabric will hold up through lots of heavy duty wear under a vast array of different conditions. For extra durability, the reinforced leather suede bottom will hold up through a whole host of rugged activities.

The reason we have a long standing love affair with our backpacks is because we can tote all our gear in a protected environment while leaving our hands and arms the freedom of movement that we all want. The load in our backpack distributes the weight on our backs and reduces the strain to the remainder of the body. The very best backpacks should feature good adjustable shoulder straps allowing you to make the proper fit to your body. The JanSport Right Pack features shoulder straps that are well padded for exceptional comfort. They can be adjusted from five to eleven inches. This allows you to make a fit for almost any body weight and height. The very strong web haul handle should last you the life of the backpack.

The JanSport Right Pack comes in at an exceptionally light weight of only twenty ounces. This light weight makes it especially easy to carry heavier loads or toting long distances. This feature can be invaluable when traveling. Anything that increases our maneuverability or reduces weight is a huge benefit. The light weight does not mean any sacrifice to the quality of construction as the pack is made of sturdy Cordura fabric that is heavily stitched to protect all your most cherished items.

Small essentials will also be well organized in the JanSport Right Pack and easy to locate.
No need to lose track of small or large items in this backpack. Large items such as books, laptop, etc. can easily fit into the one large main compartment. The fifteen inch inner sleeve will secure your laptop. This is a roomy backpack for traveling with plenty of room for clothes and all your essentials. A font utility pocket contains an organizer to keep those easily lost items at your fingertips. You can zip up and secure other necessities in the zippered front pocket.

The reasonable price may be the most outstanding feature of the JanSport Right Pack. As a leader in the backpack industry for a long period of time, JanSport has set a high standard for quality products. Knowing what the customer wants and needs means this company has a high reputation for delivering on the mark. Years of experience in the industry is probably the reason they have been able to keep their prices so affordable with no compromise on style or fashion along the way. The JanSport Right pack comes in a wide variety of intense and stylish colors that appeal to a many diverse tastes.

Reach into your memory bank and step back into your childhood to recall all the reasons we loved our backpacks. Those features plus a whole lot more are now included in a super stylish package like the JanSport Right pack and all tied up into an economical price.

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